BITE MARX​-​single "the whispering eye" / "missed connections"


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released May 7, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: The whispering eye
Mister tambourine does not toll for me. I wear this albatross accessory. Time can march but i can run. Beat the lock and chase my ambulance. Is it morbid to obsess over how my corpse is dressed? What if im exhumed one night? Id be so mortified. How will i apologize? You never told me what i did. I never meant to make you cry. We wouldve had some ugly kids. I hate games. I dont like sports. Please dont bury me in cargo shorts. When im in need the universe provides. The baby jesus makes sure i get high. Baby im aware youre 25. I call you baby when your name slips my mind. Youre not ok to drive. I dont wanna die tonight. How many do you have to take before youre legally awake? Is this a quiet chase or is this second place? You can steer ill press the brake. The whispering eye.....
Track Name: Missed Connections
Fetish wax in the fibers of his slacks. Hes got a rash from the lashings cross his back. He aint heavy, hes the slave that nobody can emancipate. Dont thank him for his service. Oh . hed rather have a mess to clean. Its what gives his life purpose. He wants you to be mean. Love. Its a complicated thing. A drug. We are our pharmacy. First week in LA sleeping in the car. Down the walk of fame. Names for every star. Everyones a friendly predator. Beware deceiving offers from out of work actors. Trying to come up backward. Create your own luck. We all know its a stupid game but you cant win if you dont hearts to use and break. forsake the pain and do it again. Missed connections....