BITE MARX "Happy When I'm Dead" single (b​/​w: "Lets Do Some Crimes" + bonus track "bukakke")


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BITE MARX's sixth single release
all music written, produced and performed by colin ambulance

ONCE AGAIN, this is a free downloadable release for anyone who wants it. for any of you who wish to donate any money to BITE MARX, please do so and it will accepted with great appreciation. making music is a labour of love and it doesnt pay any bills. this release, as well as any other BITE MARX release, is a product of sporadic starvation stints, lonliness, depression, anger, and agony. this is a way of coping with the struggle. those that have supported bite marx over the last two or so years, are the reason this project continues on.
special thanks to remi from suzi mambo bar in berlin, germany, andrew arduini, ariel pink, allene norton, dylan walter, christie jean "creepydolls" couch, sydney pellow, holly demers, erik ballard, CAI gallery, anna maria vuosumala, kt flanagan, deth crux. kevin wiegand, delano duran, chris king, sarah branham, and all the good allies in los angeles and abroad.

dedicated to tara russo <3

BITE MARX is looking for band members at this time. goal is to be playing live and recording by fall 2017
interested parties, please contact


released July 11, 2017

all songs are creative property of BITE MARX, and colin ambulance
(colin ambulance (odonnell) ASCAP)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Let's Do Some Crimes